Availability of our staff for urgent transports, upon request, even beyond office hours

Execution of express transports, also in real time

24-hour availability of our drivers (each day, including holiday) for urgent transports in Italy and for European destinations

Availability of immediate quotes contacting our operational office

Possibility to have two drivers who take turns to drive, for fast transports even over long distances

Goods in transit insurance and goods in storage insurance for our warehouse

C.A.P.A. Consorzio Artigiano Piccoli Autotrasportatori SocietŠ° Cooperativa Consortile
Main office and warehouse: Via Giovan Antonio Zani n. 8 - 48122 Ravenna - Porto San Vitale - ITALY - Phone +39 544 436501 - Fax +39 544 436725
REA RA N.91983 - REG. IMPR. RA N. 00449480391 - C.F./P. IVA 00449480391 - VAT IT00449480391